Here are a few pictures from our life here at Reverence Botanicals. When you purchase from us, this is the family and farm that you are supporting. Our family has journeyed through a rough road with Lyme Disease. We have found that keeping our health and spirits in balance with herbal treatments helps us to live the best life possible. Thanks for visiting! Love, Jem, Meredith, Oak, & Eben

This is the family you support when you purchase from Reverence Botanicals.

Checking on the Reishi

Calendula with morning dew

In the buckwheat cover crop

The songbirds' morning ensemble is infused in all of our garden

The guys at the Toe River which is a short walk from our cabin.

A rainbow over the garden

The boys roughhousing in the garden

Happy honeybees

Building a new trellis for climbers

In the Echinacea patch

The insects appreciate our growing methods

Where it's all made, our cabin in the woods

Ashwagandha getting harvested

The beautiful South Toe River

Harvesting Tulsi

Oat seed

In the veggie patch

Tinctures brewing

The waterfall close to our home

Picking Elderberries

Echinacea patch

In the Angelica

Our greenhouse

Elderberries rippening

Sage harvesting


Harvesting Hawthorn flowers

Tulsi Drying

Pollinator garden

View from the front porch

Milky Oat harvesting

Basil Harvesting

Lemon Balm Harvesting

Spilanthes Harvesting

Calendula Blossoms

Spilanthes soaking up the sun

Japanese Knotweed Blooming

Processing fresh herbs

Astragalus with rain drops

Freshly dug Japanese Knotweed roots

Ripe Greater Celandine leaves

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